Gluten Free Options at Frankie’s Uptown

Gluten Free Options at Frankie’s Uptown

Gluten free, Keto and low calorie options are available at Frankie’s Uptown in Downtown Summerlin. Get exactly what you want without sacrificing any flavor. Options include selections from or Uppetizers, Greens and Bar Food menus.

With a dedicated, gluten free fryer we have taken every step to ensure the integrity of our options.

Special Selections

We have two very special, gluten free options in this special feature. Ms. Chris’ Chicken starts with cauliflower rice, fresh grilled vegetables topped with succulent grilled chicken breast. Next, the GiGi pie is the best way to get fresh pizza without the gluten. Using cauliflower crust, we top each pie with our special pizza sauce and flavorful ingredients. The options are gluten free at it’s finest.


From the Uppetizer menu try our chips, fries and truffle fries. They’re great to start any meal. Other options include the bacon wrapped jalapenos, our signature chicken wings and the delicious charcuterie board.


In the Green section, every salad is gluten free when served without croutons. To cut calories, ask for dressing on the side.

Bar Food

When you need a burger, order it lettuce wrapped. The Uptown Burger is a great option when you want to start the night. However, when you want a flavor packed, juicy burger, try the All-In Prime Burger lettuce wrapped. This burger been written up as one of the top three burgers in Las Vegas. You won’t be disappointed. And finally, the pulled pork lettuce wrapped (no onion straws) delivers that backyard BBQ taste.

At Frankie’s Uptown, we care about healthy food options. As a result, we offer delicious recipes served just the way you like it.

We are located in Downtown Summerlin and open 7 days a week. For more information about Frankie’s hours, special menus and catering, call us at (702) 228-2766.