Healthy Food Options at Frankie’s Uptown

Healthy Food Options at Frankie’s Uptown

Healthy food options at Frankie’s Uptown are a little know part of our menu. When people first hear about Frankie’s Uptown – A Neighborhood Bar, they immediately think bar food. While that is true, Owners Chris and Frank Lee have gone to great lengths to have “something for everyone.”

As experience restaurateurs, Chris and Frank know what their guests want. Like every great ownership group, they cater to the core market and let the guests decide what stays on the menu. With their location in Downtown Summerlin, the type of guests vary. From the Las Vegas Ballpark crowd after a game, to the fitness and Yoga crowd after a workout, they are prepared to serve everyone.

As the New Year and new decade are upon us, we’ll be highlighting all the healthy food options.

Healthy Food Options at Frankie’s Uptown

Yes you can still get a burger, stroll and french fries. But here we’re looking to help with the resolution by providing the healthiest of food options on the menu.

The Clean Green and the Ms. Greek are just a few of the salad options. Each comes with their own healthy ingredients and Frankie’s housemade vinaigrette. Nothing like a little greens to get the party started in a new year. Add a grilled chicken breast for a little protein and you have yourself a complete meal. In all there are five great salads on the menu but you can certainly create your own.

Next up is Ms. Chris’ Chicken and Veggie bowl. It’s a marinated chicken breast with cauliflower rive and roasted vegetables. What an amazing and healthy choice.

And while we want to be good, it’s ok to splurge on the Mason Jar Bourbon cake for dessert. Just be sure to bring a friend so you can get all the fantastic flavor but only half the calories.

Frankie’s Uptown

All of us here at Frankie’s know the importance of a healthy diet. We’re here to serve and suggest the best items to customize your meal. We look forward to a great year and a fantastic decade.