Live Music at Frankie’s

Live Music at Frankies

Live music at Frankie’s happens every week with a rotating schedule. Our bands feature the best local entertainers, playing the latest hits and all your favorites. It’s our way of supporting the local entertainment scene as well as giving our guests what they want.

The Food at Frankie’s

While you’re here, check out our famous All-In Prime Cheeseburger or the Frankie’s Original, A Stroll. Both are packed with flavor and reasonably priced. As your server for details.

All-in Prime Cheeseburger ~ a hand-crafted 9 oz patty with our secret blend of 5 meats, topped with caramelized onions, Cheddar & American cheese & served on our buttered brioche bun….mic drop (HINT: if you have to know the blend, ask and Frankie Pepperoni′s staff will tell you)

Definition of A STRoLL ~ A delicious, handcrafted bread dough, thinly stretched, stuffed with a blend of cheeses, veggies and/or meats, then rolled, folded and baked until Golden brown. It’s crispy on the outside and packed with flavor on the inside.


We are so thankful to all of our guests who chose to support our small, locally owned business in the heart of Downtown Summerlin. Special thank you to our staff, our family and our friends; as well as local support from our vendors and suppliers. Live music at Frankie’s is a great way to come together.

Frankie’s Uptown Las Vegas blends old school finishes and vintage lighting to create a casual atmosphere with great energy. Complete with a powerful list of whiskeys and bourbons, craft cocktails and a delicious food menu, we’re the gathering place for Las Vegas locals. We enjoy bringing the community together for the casual drink, office party, birthday party, date night or special occasion. It’s our pleasure to be here for whatever you may need.

We can’t wait to see you and serve up your favorite meals.

*our live music schedule may change without notice. please check with the hostess, server or bartender for details.